Memorandum of Imitation

Hi guys, what’s up? DigiKoolaid got an interesting message down the wire today from Jane Speechly. Maybe you guys don’t know Jane@DTO yet? She’s been blogging hard about the  new memorandum, so let’s check her out.


Jane opens with a killer line .. . she says our very own PrimeMinister@PMC said “if plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery, then the UK Government should feel very sincerely flattered … ”.

Yeah, you guys remembered that Ausfailia has a plan for us to Imitate to Innovate. So there’s Jane spotlighting our top man right there in quotes. Awesome Jane.

And now we’ve formalised a Memorandum of Imitation (MOI). Here’s a selfie of Paul@DTO with his old boss Liam@GDS from the UK Government putting a signature on the official MOI in Canberra. Your DTO was delighted Liam was able to find time in his (seriously tightly packed!) schedule to confirm that short hair rules, and imitation is official. Now we’re right behind the PrimeMinster@PMC and the Imitation Agenda.

Paul and Liam

But reality guys, reality … The Memorandum Of Imitation Paul@DTO is signing is a thing named D5 Charter, straight off the press in 2014 from London. Take a peek. It’s got the number 5 in there because it’s a policy paper signed by 5 countries before us. That’s like:

  • The Republic of Korea,
  • Her Majesty’s Government,
  • The Republic of Estonia,
  • The Government of New Zealand and
  • The Government of Israel

Not Making the Cut

We didn’t make the cut! No place for Ausfalia in there. Jane@DTO says Paul@DTO says that the PrimeMinster@PMC says Australia has the best digital opportunity in the world right now. And like, we’re not even on the list? We’re not in the Fabulous 5? Now guys, calm down. There’s a solution, and Paul’s old boss has it.

The UK is, of course, a founding member of the Digital 5, and I do think – and look forward to the day when – we can become a Digital 6, with the inclusion of Australia” he said. So, the Fabulous 5 will become the Digital 6. That’s Ausfalia right there at number 6 of 6. And we’ll have an awesome 6-Pack in no time guys.

Oscar Wilde

To celebrate the MOI and this historic signing of a piece of A4 (guys, leave your electronic signatures at home for this one, this was biros at 900mm) Jane@DTO says that Liam@GDS says the Digital  6 will share information and experiences on important topics such as “user needs, assisted digital, open standards, connectivity and teaching children to code“.

That’s the Australian children who are going to out-code the code generators that run the future Low-Code Universe. And that would be the Greek Alphabet open standards in beta, beta, beta …. forever. And sure, user needs of people in Australia have to be the same as people in Estonia, so copying has to be a really cool plan.

So come on guys, where’s the problem. This far your DTO has impressed Liam@GDS with a Digital Service Standard they got from – Liam@GDS, and a GOV.AUK they got from Liam@GDS, and by giving jobs to some people who used to work for Liam@GDS. Then  Liam said, “The GDS … can’t wait to see what comes next”.

Like. what’s not to love, and to make him “feel very sincerely flattered … ” ?



plagiarism –  noun, an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of that author’s work as one’s own

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