Hi guys, what’s up? Are you already adapting toward failure? Failure is IN. Failure is BIG. Failure is NOW, and failure has some major hitters as supporters. Digital Koolaid has been getting ready to fail fast.


You guys know how it is: talking to old people. It’s like, weird. It’s as though they come from another country, even another planet. The things they say, and think, it’s like they don’t live in today’s Ausfailia. A few weeks back Digital KoolAid was having a cuppa with Grandpa KoolAid. Hey Gramps I said, how were things in the 20th Century? What was Ausfailia like you know, back in the day? What’s changed? Shoot me a few bullet points on then and now. Like, I couldn’t believe the answer.

Gramps goes “In the 20th Century things were very different. For a start, when I was your age, Ausfailia had a different name. And here’s a thing. Everyone in those days had this really major hangup with success. It was as though people around you always expected you to try to succeed. My mum and dad, your great-grandma and great-grandpa, were at me the whole time. Morality lessons like, “a job worth doing is worth doing well”, and “get a good education and be a success in life”. When I got out of school they sat across the breakfast table every morning with questions about what I was going to achieve that day. And when I got home it was the same thing. I had to give them a full account of every success I had managed. Then I’d be expected to do it again the next day. I’m here to tell you – life in Australia was a lot different to today’s Ausfailia” ….. Thanks Gramps I said, grabbed my fixed gear cycle and headed out.

20160411cDown the road and the cycle was humming when I  remembered Hans Gerrits from KPMG had this totally figured. He’s not from Ausfailia so guys, listen up. Hans says you have to ask the crowd, let them fail and then integrate it to build a totally cool, safe-to-fail environment. That’s like, strategic, designed-in failure? By now my head was turning faster than the cycle’s rubber. Had to focus to stay alive.

Here in C21 you guys see the great leaders asking around. They quizz the people down the food-chain for what to do next. Strategic leadership is like that. They pick the best replies and stack them in a pile called an Innovation Agenda. Now it’s lights, camera and Implementation Time. Implement –> Fail –> Don’t Give Up –> Implement Again –> Fail Better –> Fail Faster –> Fail NOW !!!! Stay with it guys. Get up, get going and Fail Again. Failure is a badge of honor in Ausfailia. Tell your Gramps. Wear it on ANZAC Day. Wave the flag.

But Gramps’ words stuck in my head like that old song. I was imagining a place where failure isn’t our team standard. How awesome, you know … like, just NOT failing. Imagine that our STM (Stuff That Matters) works first time, every time. Imagine that the guys down at the DTO design and develop customer-centric stuff that doesn’t fail their Customers. That would be like, totally awesome. Plan then act. Design then build. Assess then adjust. Test then deploy. Measure then enhance. I think I’m getting the hang of this C20 thing.

It’s classic ….

The Spirit of Australia
Failure – The Spirit of Australia – Failure



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