The Greek Gods


Hi guys, what’s up? Have you been confused by all this Alpha – Beta stuff from your DTO. Urged to catch up on your Greek symbols? Sure, it can get tragic, so Digital Koolaid called in a few favours from the Ancient Languages Department and is right up-to-speed. Let’s check it out.

First some great news – the Greek alphabet only has 24 letters, which is 2 less than the alphabet you guys had to figure out back in the day. So that’s sure to mean that learning Greek will be a whole heap easier than you thought.

But then, why learn it at all? That’s clear. Greek letters are used for all sorts of stuff: scientists, engineers and mathematicians of all types really love Greek letters. And your DTO is using Greek for Agile Project Management, so it’s like, really important that you get onto this.

Thing is, you know Greek letters that you maybe forgot. There’s your old friend PI in there, the 16th letter. Sure, you remember circles and all that. Turns out you already know more Greek than your Agile DTO. They just use 2 letters and then junked the other 22. Here’s what the Greek alphabet really looks like ….

greek alphabet

And here’s the version the Best and Brightest (B&B) at your DTO uses. You’ll catch the clever difference like, straight away …

DTO Greek

And in DTO Greek it’s endless. You iterate wildly and keep pressing that BETA key like, forever. ALPHA – BETA – FOREVER. Now to get that new job as an Agile Project Manager at the DTO that’s all you need. A really great agile project never ends. Beta is it … then party.

And as a really awesome party trick, here’s how to write Agile in Greek letters. Maybe slip it onto a whiteboard next time you’re at a Show-and-Tell down at your DTO. The B&B will recognise it …. never



Greek Gods
The Greek Gods

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