Exciting Times

Hi guys, what’s up? Were you at the big rave down at The Great Hall last week? DJ PM was rocking a transformation riff and Digital Koolaid crowd-surfed the mosh pit. Let’s check out how the action went down.


The opening acts wound the crowd up to fever pitch, and by the time the main act climbed on-stage the mood was totally electric. DJ PM was cool, dressed just right for the gig, and everyone in the room was waiting to hear the words over the PA system – “There has never been a more exciting time to be a member of the Australian Public Service.” The roar went all the way up Black Mountain where your DTO Team is camped in the Discovery Bus discovering how to start up new businesses. The place just went off; like totally wild.

And when DJ PM said that “Digital transformation must be at the heart of government,


and therefore it must be whole-of-government” the front rows were on their feet jostling to reach up to the stage. And then he went, “Just like the economy, the Australian Public Service is disrupted by forces which it cannot control” and the crowd press from behind was really building. Everyone wanted to be a part of the digital transformation.

Hooking right into the crowd mood DJ PM riffed on the line that “the APS can be more innovative, agile and entrepreneurial” and the crowd was unified in a shared moment of spirit and mind, dancing like one body. Hey guys, you get the picture. Total awesomeness, because disruption happens to us all. We aren’t the disruptors dude, we are the disruptees, and it’s raining disruption ….

So guys, by then DJ PM was feeling the energy in the room and dived straight into an original track called Potential For Improvement. It’s a triple theme with a strong bass line like this:

  • Kick off with Program analytics – and abandon all assessment metrics, timelines and governance,
  • Push out decision-making times – by forcing Agile teams to take all the strategic decisions, and
  • Wrap up with Application and processing times – and from what to what, about what and for what were all out for crowd-innovation

DJ PM had advice for Mandarin survival too, and it came straight out of the start-up playbook. He did a fantastic cover of the Ausfailia track, Fail Fast to Succeed, and without pausing for breath just segued seamlessly into a semi-acoustic rendition of Steal Good Ideas From Other Jurisdictions by the GDS. That rocked, and for me it had a lot to give back to Imitate 2 Innovate by the DTO, but maybe that’s because the opening riffs are so similar.

concert width=

There was a section in the middle of the gig to cover Policy Composition and DJ PM shared the limelight with our leading policy rappers. “We have to be very up front and we’ve got, we being the Ministers, we’ve got to say when we produce a new policy, we’ve got to say that this is the best policy solution we have available to us today.” It’s not every concert where the guys behind the scene get such a wrap from the main act, and the crowd really showed their appreciation, and DJ PM has certainly walked the talk on this, releasing a welter of policy tracks and then quickly dumping them. Totally brilliant visioning and leadership. “Do you like this track?” No, then forget it. So cool.

Now guys, there’s a gig curfew down at The Great Hall and DJ PM couldn’t run past closing time, so he could only give a sneak peek at tracks from his forthcoming album, Election 2016. There’s a duet with Paul Shetler and the Digital Transformation Orchestra called Digital Disruption; a Philip Glass inspired minimalist piece with working title Greater Transparency in Data and Information; a really edgy, electric thing called Contestability of Advice; and his Opus #1 called Rising Community Expectations for Fast and Personalised Government Service to be performed in front of a live audience next June: dates to be confirmed.

canberra night

When the lights went up we all piled out of the Great Hall and into a beautiful Canberra night, and guys it was nothing less than walking on air. DJ PM’s words were ringing in my ears: “Government has to do better. The new economy, our future depends on it.Awesome. You know the feeling, like you’ve been transformed off to another place and time.  Like the future will be totally different and nothing will  ever be stymied by lack of leadership and poor governance ever, ever again.

So guys, next time the DJ PM act is in town get on the TicketWorld website A S A P. This really is one not to miss. And remember what DJ PM said.

“There has never been a more exciting time to be a member of the Australian Public Service”.




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