We’ve Won !

Hi guys, what’s  up? It’s been a while, and the dust has settled from the Great Election 2016. Have you been checking out the changes? Digital Koolaid was there on election night and is right up to speed. Let’s take a helicopter view of the new digital topography.


DJ PM is back! That means your instructions to Plagiarise Unashamedly haven’t changed one bit.  We’re all still living in Agile KoolAid Land, and your DTO still has the political sponsorship, and budget, that it was spending before the Election. Sure you’ll think, that’s totally awesome, and we’ll just keep going where we were all going. But wait a minute, there was disruption along the road. DJ PM took a hit, and in a place that really hurt.

Roy MP

The Minister Assisting the Minister Talking About Innovation for the PM was DOA. That’s curtains guys, and back to the private sector. Back to starting-up and leading innovation: in the first case, innovating a new job. Yes, it was goodnight to Roy MP, whose rocketing career as Millennial leading DJ PM’s signature policy area was terminated by the voters. They missed the whole innovation agenda thing, and dumped him. That’s awesome, but like totally bad and maybe you’ll now un-friend him.

Taylor MP

But now you have a new Minister for Digital, named Angus. You have to like a guy named Angus straight up. It’s a cool name, like Wyatt. These guys sure have great parents. So, Angus has sprinted into the vacuum left by Wyatt’s sudden move over to the private sector. That’s great news, and now the DTO has a new minister as well. So you’re thinking like, a new guy means a bold new plan. Right ….

And true, because Angus has already innovated a great idea, that includes financial business cases, project milestones and progress reporting. The bold new plan is to create a small, elite team of specialists to try to control the 6 Billion of Commonwealth infotech spending (sure, that’s only 600 bucks per taxpayer you say, so where’s the crisis?). Their team is getting ready to move into a new home at …. you guessed it guys – your DTO.  That’s the same DTO that says the whole world can run on Agile KoolAid, like – no plan, no schedule, no budget, no governance, no financial business case, no milestones and no progress reporting. Just get your Greek Alphabet out and start code sharing down at GitHub. Digital Koolaid thinks your DTO’s gotta be the sickest home for a structured Project Management Office. Like, where’s the problem with totally hating structure?


And the big news from your DTO is Paul@DTO is still leading the push, even though a whole gang of people headed for the door. There’s a load of new faces in the Surry Hills office. That’s a new business manager to run things and a guy from Treasury named Peter Alexander who jumped in as COO, after being at AGIMO, which was NOIE in another life. The DTO PR people changed places. The director of DTO Strategy used his return ticket to head back to the UK. Guys, there’s a lot happened since you last caught up. Plus there’s a heap of things that are still using the Greek Alphabet, but nothing like, totally out the door – finished. There’s been some great Show-and-Tells, so a shame if you couldn’t make it. Make sure you book. Hugely popular. Group photos.


The DTO Work Programme has been flying below the radar since Election 2016, and nobody is 100% up-to-date on developments. Now that Australia’s B&B will be progress reporting the Whole-of-Government you’ll need to keep alerts on and be the first to know if delivery happens. And watch out for your new Australia Card from the Digital Identity Framework. Digital Koolaid gave a heads up in Nov 15, and it’s about to hit prime time.


That’s about it guys. Election 2016 happened. The was a bit of unplanned disruption but we’re still in flight. Let’s keep great things happening with the ultimate aim of delivering a better experience for all Australians.


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