Flying Circuses

Hi guys, what’s up? Been out at Bankstown Airport brushing up on your in-flight agility? Maybe you’ve been thinking about that second career in aerobatics. Digital Koolaid has been investigating the effects of gravity, so let’s get the low-down on high-flying. Like, what could possibly go wrong?

in flightJacqui@DTO decided the second career concept was good to go and is all suited up for wing walking. She’s been blogging hard on an ‘in-flight’ model that’s all about iterating wildly and flying in a more flexible way. Sure, your DTO had been using a process it plagiarised from the UK’s Government Digital Service, but now your B&B have iterated the process and moved all the DTO teams to the new in-flight’ model. They want you to pay attention while we demonstrate  the safety features of their aircraft. There’s a lot of detail in there, so let’s just cut to the chase guys.

crashingThe in-flight model establishes a mentoring relationship between assessors and teams. The old assessment-based relationship with assessors is like, so over. From here on teams and assessors will determine when they are ready to transition from one stage to the next; like from flying straight to full barrel rolls. The transition points will be celebrations for the teams and the assessors. So it’ll be like, party, party time at the in-flight transition, and the DTO will publish a short incident report after the event. Thinks: hit the ground running: awesome.


But guys, don’t get worried that this iteration to in-flight could impact your passion. Jacqui says that it’s okay “If you prefer the old ‘staged’ assessment method, or are in the process of applying it”, which is kind of cool because back in the day, like a month ago, before the new in-flight instructions the old, staged, ultra-agile-modern approach had to be embraced passionately by, well, everyone in your digital ecosystem. But just think about it: with the new assessment model you guys can show-and-tell at weekly check-ins now, consult with assessors and get ratings using a cool new Red / Amber / Green status. Assessors will be primed to give you in-flight recommendations while your team is able to respond, and not at ground level when it’ll be seriously too late. So remember: assessments against the digital service standard are never about passing or failing. The teams are totally awesome whatever the color …



So guys, that crash and burn scenario can be totally managed in-flight, and nothing will go wrong until right at the end when the ground sort of pops up as a surprise game changer. This agile approach is koolaid brilliant, and teams all love the new format right down to the last moment. Jacqui says to “stay tuned for our first in-flight assessment report which we will share soon.”

Digital Koolaid will be there in the crowd at the DTO Airshow,  ready to assess the totally awesome results.



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