Who Are You?

Hi guys, what’s up? Been wondering about your identity? Like, who are you really? Thinking about getting your DNA checked to make sure dad is, you know, really dad? Digital Koolaid was on the job back in ’15 with a discovery about your new Australia Card. So let’s check out what everyone wants to know about your true identity.


You guys noticed that your Digital Transformation Office (DTO) is out in the market “chasing information on the capabilities of Australian and International businesses to contribute to the development of a Trusted Digital Identity Framework and following the recent completion of our discovery process to the design of an alpha version of a digital identity solution” …

WOW ! Such a surprise, because the UK Government Digital Service in London has been working on exactly the same thing for years and Janet Hughes, their manager at the GDS, is BIG in the Trust Framework space. Your DTO liked her work so much it copied it into a Request for Information that it called its own. That’s plagiarism right up there with the order from DJ PM.

Now you’re wondering why this is a major agenda item at the GDS and then it’s an agenda item for Paul and your DTO? Sure you know we’re like, Imitate 2 Innovate, but innovating your identity? Like, why?

Guys, it’s about trust and security, and convenience and smiling, happy faces and beautiful people enjoying life, and terror and tragedy, and our Australian Way, and shared values, and user-centric services. Yay ! that’s it! It’s user-centric services. It’s the huge expectations of citizens, and our passion for services they prefer to use.  And our need to meet that challenge: to rise to the moment and drive the future. And that’s it guys. That’s the identity mission. Plus we have your new ID As A Service – IDaaS. Believe us? You should, because your identity is about to become a major new industry: for profit.

Ask yourself this Way-Too-Easy-To-Answer, multiple-choice question guys. Why is your DTO passionate about giving you your very own IDaaS?

Pofit MotiveWatching(A) You aren’t happy with the one you have and just feel like a new one;

(B) You forgot where you put it and need to find it again real soon: or just maybe

(C) Somebody working at the DTO knows somebody who’s not working at the DTO, but who needs your money for a “service” you prefer to use, and definitely won’t be able to get along without, ever.

Straight to the top of the class. Jane says it’s about growing a market. That’s a private market guys, operating on a “for-profit” business model, theirs … and they get to keep it. There’s good money to be made here and the best people should have their hands on it. And in Australia the best people are, like Recruiter Box, outside Australia.

So guys, if Mum and Dad can’t quite agree on the DNA fingerprint, or you’re feeling the old identity fraying at the edges, your DTO  could have the answer for you. Their new ID-As-A-(for profit)-Service might be just the right thing. All they ask is for you to trust them, use their Trust Framework to complete an identity verification in a single digital process and to then be able to re-use your new “digital identity” across a range of participating government services. Here’s where you become a part of the growing market guys. Awesome.

Free Market

Digital Koolaid is totally primed to read the market-growing IDaaS proposals from Australian startups like Facebook, Google and Microsoft. This innovation thing is a cinch once you get the hang of it. Wonder how Janet is doing with her Trust Broker solution: better tweet her our awesome progress imitating her here in Australia. Maybe she’ll say plagiarise a bit harder. We might even get an innovation award for this one. Totally excited….


Dad, Who Am I?

“… You are a secure digital ID created by an authorised, for-profit, private contractor to a department of the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia …”

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