Relationship Koolaid

Hi guys, what’s up? So you couldn’t make it to Sprint 16 back in February? The budget emergency means everyone can’t get tickets for international fact-finding missions? But you’re safe, because Digital Koolaid was right there on the ground and at the closing keynote. It was really core, and you guys need to be up to speed, so let’s deep dive the detail.

This keynote mattered. You guys know that here in Ausfalia it’s Imitate 2 Innovate. And we have a direct order from DJ PM to “plagiarise” from the old country. A few Tube stops from where our Queen lives is Digital Ground Zero. And like, if you want to know what’s about to go down here, then just have a look over there. That will let you know in advance of the bold innovations to expect in Canberra. And the man giving the closing keynote was no less than our very own Stephen Foreshew-Cain. Back in the day Steve was on the Customer Service Team at Telstra. Then he went global. Back in 2014 he thought a civil service salary could be a plan, and interviewed at the GDS in London. Things were going great, and then his boss and just about everyone else left. Steve stayed, got the top job, and now after 2 years he’s had a truly awesome idea …

He’s moving into Relationship Management. Steve and the guys at the GDS are innovating  a GRS, a Government Relationship Service. They are going to “transform the relationshipbetween citizens and the state”.


So guys, the whole digital thing is like, BIG … and you have your hands in the air for our own DJ PM – but this is totally awesome. Steve is kicking on a really major new dimension. This is about “collective will and shared responsibility”. This is about the importance of “transforming government together”, so you guys are really part of the momentum to make our change. It’s your will, my will, our collective will. It’s about boldness, bringing your whole self to the situation. It’s about openness, something bigger than yourself. Guys, this is what we all need to change things. Sure, users have to be in your heart, and you have to be totally Agile Koolaid, and respond to stuff that you can’t even imagine. But it’s even more awesome even than that. You have to be bold guys, or it’s all a waste. It’s just large handfuls of nothing, of air. You gotta be bold guys. So face it, Steve knows what to say at the big gigs like Sprint 16. Plus, Paul and your GDS-DTO are one pace behind.


Steve and the GDS have also transformed your relationship with technology, so you can take back control of your digital and technology future. It’s about sharing, and control, and empowerment, and relationship, and loving, and life itself. Guys, it’s the human condition, our planetary future and the relationship every one of us has with the Universe, with the id. Digital was big, it was awesome, but this is like, awesome on a totally new, spatial level.


So, the learning and the optimism there on the Discovery Bus really matters. And the enthusiasm your friends feel really matters. And your own passion matters guys. Be there to share the joy. And be part of the biology as well, because it’s a DNA thing: like, Digital DNA that crosses the APS and the entire Universe in a linked ecosystem of canonical curated registers.

Now like all good relationships this can’t be just about me … This takes a lot more. You’ll have to bring your whole self guys, not just the small parts. This needs major commitment. We all have to be bold: to put our reputations on the line: to fight for what we believe to be right and true. This needs maturity and mature relationships need us to trust one another, knowing that we are all working to a goal that is so much bigger than ourselves. This is emotional guys. This is like, totally out there, and let me share that Digital Koolaid is more excited than ever.


So let me thank everyone involved. Guys, you’ve been awesome. It’s been massive. We couldn’t have done it all without you. Thanks to the team, all the people who put it together, who made this great event possible. I think it’s gone pretty well, and for sure Steve and Digital Koolaid will be there at Sprint 17. Until then guys, Be Bold !


Be Bold

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