Hi guys, what’s up? This DevOops thing has your head bent and you’re not sure whether you’re really Australia’s B&B? Let’s straighten it all out. Digital Koolaid has been digging into DevOops.

OMG Devoops

It’s totally easy to get the DevOops idea. You’ve been watching your DTO blog wildly about Agile. You guys know agile means “a lot done, a lot more to do – all the hard bits” and now you’re seeing massive increases in the numbers and trouble of releases. Well, DevOops to the rescue: it goes hand-in-hand with Agile.

You remember the Cheap – Fast – Good thing, and how we are going to get all three totally, absolutely for sure. Well, this is the Fast bit.

Fast, faster and even faster than that. That’s DevOops fast.

That means there’s no time to stop, or even slow down. This sucker is rolling, and you’ll have to work on it while it’s moving. In fact the major genius idea here is to work on it while it’s speeding up, but you get the basic plan. Now sure,  when you were changing that flat tyre on the fixed gear cycle you did it riding down a hill. And that’s how you fix power outlets at home – with the electricity turned ON. You’re totally cool with changing the oil in the car with the engine running and fixing your lawn mower while the ….. you got it.

But to be a great DevOops guy that’s all you need. Just develop Stuff That Matters while it’s in operation. Like, what could possibly go wrong? Well ….


And here’s the really great part. It’s so totally Agile! You get to work without a plan, a structure, a design, specs or any controls … and that all happens because of an amazing thing called “collaboration”. In a great agile team everybody just knows what to do, when, where, in which order, who does what, how fast, and how awesome you have been …. you get to escape reviews, testing, QA, approvals and audit …. Guys, just ship straight into LIVE. The users will tell you when there’s a problem, and then you can add it to the backlog and iterate wildly. This is how you achieve quick time to market, and no risk.

Now, right there you wondered what markets had to do with this. Well, we had to write that, because the people using your “product” are like: customers. That’s the Customers of the Commonwealth right, and customers get what they pay for. The plan here is to give them as little as possible (remember MVP – Minimum Viable Product). If they get what they pay for, so who paid? You never have to feel bad about letting them down in any way. Remember @Paul_Shetler says government is a start-up – and the rule for start-ups has to be “someone else does the future“.

Show and tellBut in this case you’re really lucky, and the Customers of the Commonwealth are in a great mood. They’re so pleased by the Greek Alphabet you’ve delivered: and the fails, bugs, data loss and other weird stuff: that they’ve been sending you love tweets (laughs). Now you’ll change it all again to “refine” the original “hypothesis” you dreamed up while you were “discovering” up on the Discovery Bus. And when you iterate wildly you’ll change it even more often, and faster. Being “customer-centric” like this is the type of thing you can talk about at a DTO Show and Tell. Guys, you’ll be as famous as …..

So, now that your DTO is searching for really hot DevOops talent maybe you should get working on that elevator pitch. DevOops  – where Agile rubber hits the road.



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