Hi guys, what’s up? Maybe you’re catching up on the latest DTO blog; that one where Paul says GOV.AU passed Alpha assessment. Sure, we were wondering what that could mean as well, and so Digital Koolaid has been digging out the details. Here’s a Paul selfie to jog your memory.


You guys remember that in Australia we Imitate to Innovate, and you got that the strategic play is to imitate the UK Government Digital Service. In fact, we should imitate it “unashamedly” said the Prime Minister, Australia is such an innovate nation. But then, you already knew about GOV.UK and the whole GDS thing in the UK. If you missed it then take a look. It’s totally awesome.

So, now that Australia is innovating our very own GOV.AU by imitating GOV.UK, and a whole heap of discovering got done, then an Alpha, it was time to get assessed. So who should do the assessing? You guessed. That’d be the GDS in the UK, and they had just the guy for the job. His name is Tom Scott and he’s paid to be a Product Manager at the Government Digital Service. He’s been doing it for like, a whole 6 months.


Tom was the standout choice. Just check his LinkedIn entry and you’ll get why. He’s a desktop technician and scrum master, and he once even worked for Apple in London as a Senior Genius. That’s not just a plain old genius. No. No. That’s a really senior mind.

Wowa! You’re not worried that Tom doesn’t have what it takes to assess GOV.AU ? Not true. You see, right after Tom was at River Island doing high street fashion brands for 8 weeks he took all that discovery to the GDS to manage the assessment of UK government services. He did that for maybe 13 months. That should calm your nerves, and stop you worrying about how Tom has never been to Australia and knows maybe nothing at all about the Commonwealth. Digital Koolaid realised straight up that the best man to lead the assessment of the new DTO product was someone who had never visited Australia. That’s like, totally agile.

So Tom and team made a report. You guys can read it on the DTO website. The UK was impressed that our team have done “in-depth user research with over 100 citizens“. That’s awesome, like we hit 24 million citizens a week back. The DTO went seriously in-depth with 0.0000042 of the population. Still, Tom felt it covered a “good variety” of people. Our guys had focused on three ‘transitions’: starting a business, which you might never do and they haven’t, becoming an adult, which you will do maybe once, and living well as you get older, if you don’t like the alternative. Heavily awesome.


But guys, you really have to read this for yourself. There’s just too much in there to love. Like, “being agile in the processes around agile can be useful”. Tom and the UK guys are brutal, so let’s just cut to the chase. Let’s hit the recommendations. There’s our DTO guys (there’s Leisa, Yiannis …) getting the recommendations straight from the UK geniuses over Google Hangouts. See the Smart Plant hanging out with the guys?


Tom the Desktop Technician says that “More research with a wider population sample is needed”. Digital Koolaid can’t see why 0.0000042 of Australia isn’t enough people.

But he’s worried that our team “Losing many of the contractors at the end of this phase is likely to cause issues with pace of delivery.” Sure, that breaks the golden rule we learned on the discovery bus up Black Mountain. Everyone has to stay on board, forever. Plus the Delivery Manager says the plan is all in the team’s heads.

Tom says your DTO has “designed a pattern for the transitions which may be difficult for users on mobile phones“. Now our team should “test this with the most difficult transitions” to validate the pattern works well. Living well as you get older is for sure a major mobile phone transition. Are you really living if you’re stuck on a Samsung S2?

Then there’s the KPIs. Tom says “KPIs have not been established; setting some early even if they are wrong gets the team in the practice of building services that can be measured.” Even if you measure them wrongly, using the wrong metrics. Is that cool or what? Building services that can’t be measured is off the menu guys.

Tom says you have to “ensure there is a role dedicated to information security and risk assessment within the team.” Guys, there has to be a role, even if nobody is in it, does it, or is to blame for it. Just so we said we had it.

Wrapping it all up GDS Tom says thanks. He’s definitely a nice guy. “This important work will help to improve the lives of people in Australia” and he’d know …..

thanks Tom




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