Landing Pads

Hi guys, what’s up? Maybe you noticed that the Innovation Statement was really Big News? Sure, Digital KoolAid noticed, so let’s get our KoolAid Goggles on and take a look.

Loads of great things in there, if you’re a tax accountant. If you’re not it might get a little tricky trying to de-modulate “one off, non-refundable” tax concessions and special capital gains rules from your start-up’s bedroom. Maybe Tweet the accountant quick. What, you can’t afford an accountant yet? That’s great dude. Start-ups are the future of the country. Get out there – ideate, innovate and imitate. Your country needs YOU.


Digital KoolAid was reading all the details hot off the press. It was going pretty well, and we enjoyed how Australians were being encouraged to start-up STM here, to come home from OS to do start-ups and to go OS to start-up. Great trick we thought. Stay, return and leave all at the same time. Don’t you love it when there’s something for everyone? But then we hit a term never seen before. There’s money for a thing called a landing pad. Sure, we’ve all heard of launch pads. That’s NASA rockets and the space program, astronauts and stuff. To boldly go ….

We thought Malcolm, Chris and Wyatt might mean Heli-Pad, where you can catch a helicopter. But surely they would have said that instead? So we went searching. It’s important to be across the jargon and totally KoolAid-ready. We found a definition of Landing Pad thanks to the guys at Urban Dictionary (it’s down at the bottom and sort of NSFW, so take care).

But did you get that? Australia is now spending hard-earned tax dollars on “landing pads” in foreign countries so our B&B can learn how to innovate by imitating people OS. Innovation has to come with a passport? “I had this great innovation I saw some guys doing at the Tel-Aviv landing pad. Let’s copy them.” We believe in imitation so hard that we can’t even stay home to do it. We have to go to other countries for our ideas? Sadly …

It’s true.


Landing Pad Top Definition

A layer of toilet paper (usually somewhere between 3 and 8 pieces) laid down on the surface of water within the toilet bowl before one has a b…. movement. This layer of toilet paper, or ‘landing pad’, serves a 3-fold purpose: (1) To prevent the dreaded splashback effect caused by the f…. displacement of water; (2) To soften the “KER-PLUNK!” sound that often occurs when f…. breaks the surface tension of the water (this is particularly effective because the toilet paper disables the properties of water’s surface tension by acting as a semi-permeable membrane, a sort of dampening medium between water and air; further, the speed of the displacement of the water is lessened, which makes for a much softer noise); and (3) To bring about an awareness of the TP supply before use, negating any chance that one might have a bowel movement, only to look over and notice that there is no toilet paper …





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