Cloud KoolAid

Hi guys, what’s up? Thinking of The Cloud? Me too, like, what really?

DigiKoolAid is guessing your Digital Transformation Office (that’s a DTO) is ready to tsunami a whole lot of Cloud KoolAid. Let’s look before the wave hits.

CLOUD – Communication Layer Of Unspecified Dimension, awesome but completely false. It’s not an acronym at all. It’s just a marketing term, made up by some guys to sell you more Stuff That Matters (STM) for a profit. You are already using it on a daily basis of course. None of Web 2.0 can function without it. From FaseBook to Tweter, from Skipe to Spotifi, cloud runs your world. So like, logically it runs Uber and AirBnB as well? Sure. That means it runs the “business model” for your New Commonwealth Government. That’s the home of your DTO, which sets “Public data policy, including Gov 2.0 and related matters”. So sure, the DTO might have an agenda here. Let’s search for it.

DTO Dude Showing the Cloud Thing

DTO Dude Showing The (Cloud) Thing

When GDS Paul arrived from the UK to tell Australian government officials what they didn’t know about their jobs one of the first, like the very first thing he did was get the DTO onto The Cloud. That’s the Google Cloud. You know Commonwealth departments have lots of stuff they bought with your money, like email servers and file servers and database servers and other things. They use that for all the emails and data that the Commonwealth needs to do its job. Paul and the DTO Dudes decided to head elsewhere. They paid some Sydney guys to install Google stuff (no analysis, no tender, here’s the money, guys just do it). So the first thing was to get Gmail, Google Apps, all the other GStuff and junk the “old” non-agile Commonwealth stuff. So, you already know how The Cloud works right? Like this ….


Well, your Commonwealth government’s stuff could be anywhere in fact, not just across the Pacific Ocean at the end of a sub-sea cable, just not in Australia where you are. You’ll never know where it really is, and if you do it will just move to where storage is cheapest, so don’t try. Yes, there will be a charge for storing your government’s data, but don’t worry, it will be Cheap (Fast AND Good).

So brace yourself for a Marketing Sh÷tstorm to convince you that all the OLD stuff your Commonwealth uses to deliver services to citizens should be junked and replaced by really cool, modern CLOUD stuff at a fraction of the cost, totally reliable super fast, super secure, and Cloud KoolAid of every kind. There’ll be smart pictures to help you “get it”. Here’s one faux-macho version. You can guess the rest.

And here’s interesting media about under-sea cables, which have become a huge topic since baddie submarines have been snooping around known cable sites recently. There’s a lot of noise about security threats and economic impacts of comms outages, and baddies generally. They have to protect you from “baddies” remember? Check it, worth the read. Think about it.

Undersea Cables Run The Cloud


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