Positions Vacant

Hi Guys, what’s up? Had you noticed that your Digital Transformation Office (that’s a DTO) is hiring again? Maybe you were wondering about the actual agenda. DigiKoolAid has been wondering as well.

You all watched the recruitment process for a DTO CEO. That was a Captain’s Call, and the Minister used the words “copy shamelessly” the failed Government Digital Service in the UK. No prizes for remembering the result was a CEO from the GDS with less than 2 years’ public sector experience and no knowledge of Australia or the Commonwealth. There’s been a theme developing around “knowing stuff is a negative” so don’t be alarmed. Maybe the real thing to be concerned about is the building out of your DTO by many of the same people who failed at the GDS. Here’s a few names:

CEO Paul

Paul Shetler – the DTO CEO had a job at the GDS for just 6 months before coming to Australia as our big gun

Dan Searle – is the DTO Chief Strategist was at the GDS for 2 years

Jordan Hatch – is a “Boy Wonder” to some people, and was at the GDS with Liesa for around 4 years

Leisa Reichelt – is DTO Head of Design, an Aussie who was at the GDS for a little over 2 years

Yianis Godfrey – is DTO Delivery Manager, a Brit who was at the GDS for 15 months

So now your DTO is recruiting a Head of Portfolio. No prize for what DigiKoolAid guesses the accent will sound like. Sure, this is called grabbing the “best and brightest” from the UK and bringing them to Australia. Poor Aussies who don’t have the ability themselves? You need Paul and the DTO Dudes to tell you how? Of course you don’t. And in any case, the GDS was a failure. Last week their Number #2, a guy named Tom, was on a junket to Luna Park to talk about all the awesome Stuff That Matters at the GDS, before he resigned. He has been planning to get a new job in London with his old GDS boss Mike (he bailed as well) but maybe he liked Sydney where the Commonwealth government is headquartered. That way he could sell all the Same-Old KoolAid to the hopeless Aussies who can’t manage a government. Tom’s big idea is to knock it all down and start over again as a thing called “natively digital”. Hey Tom, great idea. A sure winner. Just start the Commonwealth again after 114 years.

Your DTO thinks the new Head of Portfolio is “one of the most critical roles to our work program, and we think its a pretty cool job!” Cool? They’re looking to attract candidates who have a proven background in “leading a large digital portfolio of projects and programmes”. You caught them out because you already knew your DTO doesn’t have a portfolio, and is actually a policy unit in PM&C. The projects happen in the departments and agencies that actually DO THINGS.


Here’s the Specialist Skills they are asking for. You’ll notice they were short of dot points and included the leading sentence (cool), but check this because you won’t see it online at APS Jobs. Your DTO might have other ideas about Commonwealth recruitment processes – ditch them.


See what’s missing in there, for a job at EL2 level or higher? You guessed it – No Commonwealth Experience. Like, none. There’s that “knowing stuff is a negative” thing happening again. Just get off the plane from London and start re-designing government services in a country you know nothing about? A pretty cool job!

20151112c Your DTO “shamelessly” copying


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